How do I deposit cryptocurrencies

Currently, you can receive cryptocurrencies to your cryptocurrency account through blockchain transfer. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Open the PantherTrade app, tap Accounts in the bottom navigation bar, and tap Receive in the top shortcut ribbon;

2. On the Select Currency page, select the cryptocurrency you want to receive;

3. On the Receive page, tap the Copy Address button;

4. Paste the address into the recipient address input box of the platform where you are transferring the cryptocurrency out;

5. After that platform completes the transfer, copy the on-chain transaction hash;

6. Go back to the Receive page in Step 3 and tap the Submit button at the top;

7. Paste the above on-chain transaction hash into the input box and tap Submit; and

8. Normally, PantherTrade will review your transfer request within 1 business day after receiving it. Once the review is complete, the cryptocurrency will be added to your open position.