How do I withdraw cryptocurrencies

Currently, you can send cryptocurrencies from your cryptocurrency account through blockchain transfer. To do so, please follow the steps below:

Open the PantherTrade app, tap Accounts in the bottom navigation bar, and tap Send in the top shortcut ribbon;

2. On the Select Currency page, select the cryptocurrency you want to send;

3. On the Send page, tap the address input box and select the address in the whitelist;

4. If you have never added any address, you will need to add one before you can send any cryptocurrency (for details, see How do I add an address to my whitelist?);

5. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency to be sent. The maximum amount you can enter is the Withdrawable Amount shown on the page;

6. After filling in all required fields, tap the Send button at the bottom;

7. Double-confirm the information, and then enter the trading password to submit the sending request; and

8. If you fail to submit it, you will need to make some modifications according to the prompts, or contact our customer service at support@panthertrade.com.